Paroles Story Of Last Night de Unni Wilhelmsen

Unni Wilhelmsen
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  • Chanson: Story Of Last Night
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Textes et Paroles de Story Of Last Night

I know this girl
and just like me she's got a lot to say
She calls me in the morning
to tell me 'bout last night
And if this isn't me, who am I?
Her tragic story could easily be mine
the story of last night...
oh, all these stories..

She's got this book,
full of tales about women in different lives
but they all get up in the morning,
thinkin' 'bout last night.
And if I'm not me, who am I?
their stories are all cut out to be mine
the stories of last night...
oh, all these stories.

And the circles we move through
the lives we defend
The men that we trust
the positions we put ourselves in
One million different stories
one million different ways
one million nights!
I'm a woman so I try
I try out the story of last night
oh, all these stories....

I know this girl
and just like me sometimes she turns really quiet
and though it's early early morning,
to her it's still last night
And me, well I'm up an I
I've got one more story added to my life, now
the story of last night..
oh all these stories..
I'm a woman so I try...

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