Paroles Soon It Is Going To Rain de Unrest

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  • Artiste: Unrest38410
  • Chanson: Soon It Is Going To Rain
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Textes et Paroles de Soon It Is Going To Rain

could you see me there
exposures fill my air
Ice Cream spilling down
onto you chest
On I Saw

from the day I found you
love was so insane
shovels in my hand from
digging for your pain.

could you put me on a
Birthday through my window
climb through
I'll hold your pants tight
hands follow
More to Come (come)

In my room there is a
Footlights to my Atlas.
take hold,
I'm flying flying,
take hold,
and More to Follow

soon . . .
I have found my way back home
I am on me way back . . .

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