Paroles Butterface de Uptown Stomp

Uptown Stomp
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  • Artiste: Uptown Stomp38469
  • Chanson: Butterface
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Textes et Paroles de Butterface

When you see a girl from the back, and it looks like she's stacked, like a candy store rack
And all I could think of doin was robbin those shelves
Tastin the tastes, smellin the smells
I wanted to write in her book harder than H.G. Wells
Play her like L Cool J and rock her bells
I couldn't believe it, this was a fine lookin sister
But when she turned around, it looked like a brick at hit her

And everything was fine
'Til she turned around
When we layed eyes on her
We moved without a sound

Cuz my girl's cool
My girl's great
My girl's hot

So I said "forget it", I'll just get the paper bag
To cover up the face of this ugly hag
I don't care I'm just tryin to get mine
I'll hit it from the back, cuz from the back she's lookin fine
Her skin was the color of gold and sand
But when she turned around, we all said, "DAMN!!!"
The junk in her trunk was lookin tight in her pants
I wanna take back to my house to do the dirty dance

I love the way, the right side of her face sticks in
I love the hair underneath her chin
I love my butterface so much
I love to feel her touch

I love her lazy eye
Can't tell if she's lookin at me or another guy
I love my butterface
I love my butterface

(I love my butter face) (I love her)

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