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Uptown Stomp
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  • Chanson: This Piece
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Textes et Paroles de This Piece

how long will this take?
we're all being used by people who are bigger and stronger and more fucked up than we'll ever be
and i've got things to do and you've got your dreams that are more important. farther and faster and bigger and brighter and better than i'll ever be.
so rape this cliche and take it for your own. you've finally found a friend in it. isn't that just poetic?
there's a gaze you haven't seen because i'm watching you go blind so hold your breath and take a step and shake it off before it comes inside.

superficial dreaming day.
angry angsty story fame.
this potential cut out mime
walking on a thin dark line.
lovers, killers are my friends.
molest this piece until it ends.

it's just a way to haunt your face, to make it hurt you.

when it ends we all fall down.

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