Paroles Apocalyptic Devastation de Urgehal

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  • Artiste: Urgehal6312
  • Chanson: Apocalyptic Devastation
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Textes et Paroles de Apocalyptic Devastation

[lyrics by Trondr, 1998]

...what if,
Milleniums ago a dying sphere bursted into a galactic explosion, and left a hole in space
Every single piece of the sphere made a rain of meteors and took it's own course of them towards earth
Sands of time and vast dimensions away from earth
The meteors sourced through space at infernal speed
While the ages on our planet swept along like the oceans

In our second millenium a "prophet" discovered a galactic meteor
It had entered our galaxy, and would soon hit the earth
The humans was facing destruction, the whole world was in chaos

No man of astrologic knowledge has (ever before) discovered this gigantic nova
Who would bring us the apocalypse, all time was lost, nothing could be done
Who would ever believe a piece of stone from space would
Be our last grasp of view before our lids would be shut forever

Every single humanbeing faced the sky (in disbelief and shock)
When the meteor entered the atmosphere
Then destroyed the earth and killed all with a massive terrestrial strike

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