Paroles Supreme Blasphemy de Urgehal

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  • Artiste: Urgehal6312
  • Chanson: Supreme Blasphemy
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Textes et Paroles de Supreme Blasphemy

Grim satanic blessing
To all the sons of hell (Satan)
Strive to see the blood of Jesus flow
All hail the grand unholy lord supreme

Join our war against the fucking feeble
Kill them all and burn their fucking churches
Drink their blood and smell the flaming fire
Emancipate your hellish vile desire

We shall spare a few
And make them leave their fucking holy god
We'll shit them in their face, still they will love us
As sexual slaves of hell they all shall serve

Gather around the blood-red pentagram
Sacrifice the fucking Christian slut
Chant the magic rites of necronomicon
Together we shall fuck the virgin dead

You shall see our wrath
As we sodomize Maria
And you shall feel our hate
As we strangle you all

Crush their crucifix
And desecrate their fucking holy graveyard
Summon the dead
Then emancipate your necrolust

Enjoy your lovely orgy with the dead
Revel in the blood of a thousand Christians
Run barefoot in the (glowing) ashes of their churches
Celebrate our vile satanic triumph

The night shall come
When the hammer of Satan rise
And with infernal power
It shall smash the skull of Christ!

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