Paroles Senorita de US5

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  • Chanson: Senorita
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Textes et Paroles de Senorita

Everybody's in the club tonight
I'm lookin' out for something that I like
A cutie pie to fill my appetite
I'm fellin' like I wanna one night stand

Tell the DJ gotta play my song
Beat is bangin' there ain't nothing wrong
Roll your booty cause I'm down tonight
Tell me baby can I freak you right now

Girl I wanna rock your world
And give you love till you go crazy
Bring your body round tonight
Say la, la, la, la, la, la (oh)

Chorus 2x:
Senorita, what you doin' all night
Mamacita, you're the one I like
Tell me baby does it feel so right
How about we have a one night stand
(Mikel:Senorita, mamacita, sexy lady,
be my baby)

Now I'm ready and the mood is right
I see a honey in her body's tight
I guess it's time for me to roll to dice
She's lookin' like she wants a one night stand

Pull up on her, time to make her mine
Let her know, I'll make her satisfied
I'm fellin' lucky, like tonight's the night
I wanna hit it, till I make her fell right


Chorus 2x...

Middle 2x:
Everybody have a one night stand (stand)
Grab a shorty take her by her hand
All my fellas are ya feelin' loco?
All my chicas are ya feelin' loco?

Chorus 2x...

Chorus 2x...

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