Paroles Leaving Town de Useless ID

Useless ID
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  • Artiste: Useless ID9916
  • Chanson: Leaving Town
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Textes et Paroles de Leaving Town

As I watched him falling down and the rain soaked him up now its ok I took the first train out of town losing touch it hurt so much never cared for all the times now that's all I have got just time and memories I'm all fucked up and there is no doubt that I'm better of without trying to explain what I'm all about fuck this fuck that I'm on the edge nothing is fine I'm going down see you there ill go as low as I can the funny thing about our lives is that nothing is a surprise our hope, fear and pain mixed up with our childish lies as you watch me falling down and the rain soaked me up now its ok cause I no longer like this town.

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