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Useless ID
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  • Artiste: Useless ID9916
  • Chanson: No Excuse
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Textes et Paroles de No Excuse

So far away from being right
Why don't you all stand up and fight
For all those billions every year
And all the ones that live in fear
How to be locked and wait to die
Look so natural like the blue sky
For all the fuckin' business men
Who slaughter life with their own hands

Legalized murder accepted by law
Does no one care?
Does anybody know?
About the way they suffer and die
With vivisection and food supplies

Now there's one thing I've got to know
About the way you think it goes
Well, meat is murder
Although it's for food
For such a crime there's no excuse
Yeah, there's no excuse
So just try to understand
All these words that I'm saying
Yeah, try to understand

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