Paroles To Live And Die For No One's Name de Useless ID

Useless ID
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  • Artiste: Useless ID9916
  • Chanson: To Live And Die For No One's Name
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Textes et Paroles de To Live And Die For No One's Name

Another short look at the set
Another person has collapsed
And for the fuckin' same ideals
Another life society steals
Patriotic in his heart
A short brainwash and it's a fact
That every youngster starts to believe
That for a country he must kill

And I could never understand
What the fuck is wrong with them
Are they so damned blind to see
That their cause is a disease
Well, they can't fuckin' know what's right
Religion injected to their minds
It's a circle with no way out
Why they can't fuckin' live without

A need to follow someone else's rules
With covered eyes like a bunch of fools
How could they be so goddamn lame
Just live and die for no one's name

And out there, all over the world
There are still people who think
That religion should be a guide
A subject above all
Well, I can't see a point in that
Because all I see religion cause
Is wars and hatred
Stop it before it's too late

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