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  • Chanson: Stain Of Me
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Textes et Paroles de Stain Of Me

Can the unspoken be replaced by tired words that have been kept inside so long?
Words that should have been honestly said a thousand seconds ago
Instead they lingered deep in the empty souls, trapped beneath the lies
And now we're left in an uneasy space, avoiding any contact of the eyes

So tell me what happened to our promise of complete honesty
Did that only apply to one, whilst you had your own book of rules?
Because the hurting's sunk deep into my heart, eating away at me
We may have parted, but you will never get rid of the stain of me

Yeah I'm going to haunt you; I'll be your guardian angel when I die
I'll make sure you're safe and that nothing will hurt you; all except I
Yeah I promise I'll make you hurt, I'll make your home hell without the flames
But you won't get away as easy as the devil, â€~cause I'll leave you feeling pain
(Yeah I want you to feel this pain)

Can the pain of lies from years just disappear with three tired words?
I've heard â€~I love you' come from your mouth with another girl on your arm
Did you expect me to just fall at your feet, after years of the same excuse?
Well I'm sorry to disappoint you, but in this game, it's you that's come to lose
(â€~Cause you'll never get rid of the stain of me)


I've stained you
I've stained your heart, soul, your lips, and kiss
I left my mark yeah do you see me in the mirror?
â€~Cause I've stained you
Yeah I'm going to be with you forever
You'll never get rid of the stain of me


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