Paroles Burning Bed de UTFO

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  • Artiste: UTFO15038
  • Chanson: Burning Bed
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Textes et Paroles de Burning Bed

(1 out of 12...
1 of 12 men is being burned to death)


(Now that's a fire!)

[all x2]
Treat your woman right
Or get that burning bed at night
You've got to treat her right
Treat her right - treat her right


[Doctor Ice]
The women of today ain't with it
If you ain't gonna be loyal, forget it
I know the deal, so I admit it
Because I knew a brother that did it
He used to be a nice looking dude, the ladies' choice
He would charm them all with the sound of his voice
He's not a sucker, a bum, the boy ain't soft
He likes to be clean and dress his ass off
He was light-skinned with curly hair
He would make his girl think he was so sincere
Always said "I'm cool," called himself an expert
Comin home every night with lipstick on his shirt
She took it like a champ and let him do it
Until one day he really blew it
Rappin to girls one day by the dozen
And one of those girls was his girlfriend's cousin
He was so blind cause he was on a roll
Comin home drunk one night singin James Brown's soul
"Get up-a!" bangin on the door he said
"Get up-a!" and banged once more
So she opened the door with a smile on her face
Brung him to the bed, untied his shoe lace
Took off all his clothes and then she said
"Good night sucker" - and burned the bed

[all x2]
Treat your woman right
Or get that burning bed at night
You've got to treat her right
Treat her right - treat her right

Burn em up

She only burn you can see what's ugly, Willie
Now you look like Richard Fire
I mean Richard Pryor, Willie
Willie, jump in the pool

(Now that's a fire!)

[Doctor Ice]
So never in life think that you're too great
Cause it's very thin line between love and hate
You see, he wasn't just burned, the boy was torched
Burned from head to toe and then so-and-so was scorched
He's with the same girl, now he's sincerer
She ain't worried about a thing cause he ain't goin nowhere
When I see him now I say "yo bro"
Cause he's the darkest brother that I now know
No more Casanova, that life is over
He used to drink heavy, now he stays sober
She burned him bad, now he stays alert
But I know when they make love, brother, it hurts
You wouldn't think the girl would hurt a fly
But she proved that to be a goddamn lie
From what I recall, he gives her much respect
Point blank, word, she got him in check

[all x2]
Treat your woman right
Or get that burning bed at night
You've got to treat her right
Treat her right - treat her right

[Doctor Ice]
See, you can hit em, beat em, call em a creep
But remember, homeboy, you've got to sleep
So chill, be nice or pay the price
Of bein burned, walk easy like Doctor Ice

Get out the house, Willie!

(Now that's a fire!)

Willie's on..
Get out the house, Willie
Damn, you shoulda seen this..
She burned him bad
Damn Willie
That mama ain't Willie
If his woman ain't Ms. Willhelmina
She burned him up
She burned him up
Don't get the burning bed, Willie
It's too late now
You're blacker than black
You used to be light-skinned, ain't no turnin back
You look like some left-over from a cook-out, Willie
I told you leave that bitch alone
I told ya, Willie
I told ya
(Aight, that's cool)

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