Paroles Back Of The Bus de Vaginal Jesus

Vaginal Jesus
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  • Artiste: Vaginal Jesus38559
  • Chanson: Back Of The Bus
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Textes et Paroles de Back Of The Bus

Old ladies just wanna get around town,
they don't want to sit next to something brown,
You're vile, disgusting, revolting and black
so keep walking nigger
and get in the back

Back of the bus, back of the bus, we don't want you to sit near us (x2)

That stupid fucking chimp Rosa Parks was a cunt, that brain-damaged monkey tried to sit in the front,
she forgot that she was from an inferior class,
If she was here now i'd kick her primate ass

Back of the bus, back of the bus, we don't want you to sit near us (x2)

You stupid fucking ugly nigger piece of shit,
You'd better find yourself another place to sit,
When you get on the bus you'd better walk by,
'Cause if you sit in the front you're gonna die.

Back of the bus, back of the bus, we don't want you to sit near us

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