Paroles Coon Bashing de Vaginal Jesus

Vaginal Jesus
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  • Artiste: Vaginal Jesus38559
  • Chanson: Coon Bashing
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Textes et Paroles de Coon Bashing

I've done my share of gassing jews,
I wanna go someplace where i can lynch some spooks,
I'll shoot any nigger that I can find,
It's the only thing i know that gives me peace of mind

I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go,.. coon bashin' (x2)

Do you smell the soke thats all around?
The V.J. hate posse just burned the ghetto down,
If any spooks happen to survive,
I'll beat their heads in with a tire iron,

I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go,.. coon bashin' (x2)

Cop#1: Get 'em up
Nigger: I ain't runnin' from you pigs no more- you've had your fun, now split.
Cop#2: Cuff the bastard.
Nigger: What's the bust for?
Cop#2: We have some unfinished business, boy.
Nigger: What business?
Cop#2: Just a little matter of you kicking the shit out of a white man.
Nigger: Fuck you both! Fuckin pigs!
(sounds of nigger learning a lesson)
Cop#1: Niggers sure bleed...

Beating the fuck out of anyone who's not white,
For killing niggers, every night is the right night,
He's almost dead, he's starting to squeal,
I'll club his head like a baby seal,
The fucking coons thought they could take me,
The cops are white and won't try to stop me,
Another night of going coon' bashin...

I'll never stop until they're dead,
Keep on clubbing away at their ugly nigger heads,
I laugh so hard, fall off my feet, yeah!
This is the only thing I want, I want...

I wanna go, I wanna go...coon bashin' (x2)

It's all I want, It's all i crave,
I just want to go coon bashin'

Fuckin' niggers

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