Paroles Domino de Van Morrison

Van Morrison
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  • Artiste: Van Morrison7385
  • Chanson: Domino
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Textes et Paroles de Domino

Don't wannna discuss it
Think it's time for a change
You may get disgusted
Start thinkin' that I'm strange

In that case I'll go underground
Get some heavy rest
Never have to worry
About what is worst or what is best
(Get it)

Oh oh Domino (it's all right)
Roll me over, Romeo, there you go
Lord, have mercy
I said oh-oh, Domino
Roll me over, Romeo, there you go
Say it again
I said oh-ooh-oh Domino
I said oh-ooh-ooh-oh Domino
(Dig It)


There's no need for argument
There's no argument at all
And if you never hear from him
That just means he didn't call
Or vice versa
That depends on where ever you're at
(All right)
And if you never hear from me
That just means I would rather not

(Hit it)
Oh oh Domino
(All right)
Roll me over Romeo, there you go
Lord have mercy
I said, oh oh Domino
Roll me over Romeo, there you go
(Hey, all right)
Say it again
Oh-oh-ooh-ooh Domino
(Hey, hit it)
I said oh-ooh-ooh Domino

Well, Mr. DJ I just wanna hear
Some rhythm and blues music
On the radio
On the radio
On the radio

Uh-uh, all right
Uh-uh, all right
Uh-uh, all right

Hear the band


One more time

[Instrumental to end]

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