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Van Zant
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  • Artiste: Van Zant8420
  • Chanson: Plain Jane
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Textes et Paroles de Plain Jane

Written by Bob Johnston, Michael Lunn, Donnie Van Zant and Johnny Van Zant

Ah, tell 'em about it Darlin'.
Here we go.

She's a waitress at her corner,
Always dancin' nine-to-five.
Well, she ain't no supermodel,
But I'm here to tell you, she's fine, (Ha, ha.)
She's so fine, Johnny.
She's like the classic girl next door,
There's somethin' 'bout her walk:
There's somethin' that goes off inside,
Each time she starts to talk.

Plain Jane,
Oh, I love her name.
She drives me insane.
She's my plain Jane.

She always gets my business,
I can't wait to ring her bell.
(Ah, I bet you can't Donnie.)
She puts a quarter in the jukebox:
Says she don't kiss an' tell.
Is that right, brother.
The way she wears that dress, (Yeah.)
It's time that I confess:
The music starts an' my heart stops,
An' I become a mess.

Plain Jane,
Oh, I love her name.
She drives me insane.
She's my plain Jane.

Nothin' fancy: she's just got everything.
She's so addicting; she's so amazing:
Can't think of anything.

Do, do, do do.
(Whoa, talk to me, plain Jane.)
Do, do, do do, do, do.
Whoa, yeah,

Plain Jane,
Oh, I love her name.
She drives me insane.
She's my plain Jane. (Jane, Jane.)

Plain Jane,
Oh, I love her name.
She drives me insane.
She said just call me plain Jane.
(That's right, buddy."

Plain Jane,
She's my plain Jane.
She's my plain Jane.
She's my plain, (Jane)
Whoo, she's my plain Jane.
(No, she's mine.)

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