Paroles Star Bright de Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams
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  • Artiste: Vanessa Williams5772
  • Chanson: Star Bright
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Textes et Paroles de Star Bright

Star Bright, first star I see tonight
Could you oh would you please shine your light
Shine it so I can see, my savior smilin' at me

Star Bright, I hear you once proclaimed
This is the way, keep on followin' me
and at the end of the road will be, a baby

And there, in him you'll find, a love that is truly blind
given so from your heart that love that light, could shine

Shine, shine, shine, Shine

Star Bright, first star they saw that night
I am aware that this love is for me
and the greatest of gifts is free
Yet my heart of hearts is heavy

Star Bright, if I give you my hand
Could you oh would you please see me through
I would love to take my heart blue, and give it to you

And there, in my heart you'll find, a love that is truly blind
given to me, so that I could let my, light shine

Shine, shine, shine, Shine,

Star Bright
Star Bright, Star Bright, Star Bright
Star Bright, Star Bright
Shine your light

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