Paroles Guitar And Old Blue Jeans de Vanilla Ninja

Vanilla Ninja
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  • Artiste: Vanilla Ninja13549
  • Chanson: Guitar And Old Blue Jeans
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Textes et Paroles de Guitar And Old Blue Jeans

I'm standing alone by the road
Citylights far behind
Still hearing your voice inside
Whispering "Please don't go..."
But i'm not your babe or property
And i hope that you understand
That i had to go, cos my spirit needs to be free

Not afraid of the thunderstorm
I am moving on, try to get alone
With everything I meet on my way
Listen what I say

I'm stronger person on my own
I'm running away, I just had to go
Leaving all and risking more
Whole new world opened up it's doors
Towns and roads I've never seen
Finding some places I've never been
My guitar and old blue jeans
They stay with me, they are all I need

The smile on my face says I'm alright
Not missing a single thing
That I left behind
My future is right ahead
The wind in my hair
Blush on my cheeks
The chains are all realeased, finally feeling free
I'm cool and in control


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