Paroles Time To Come Home de Veda Skyes

Veda Skyes
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  • Artiste: Veda Skyes38715
  • Chanson: Time To Come Home
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Textes et Paroles de Time To Come Home

Verse: Do you like what you see (from over there?) A broken boy waiting (to be loved.) You've been gone for years (and I can still feel you.) Don't you think its time to go. (Please come home.)

Chorus x2: This is where all appologies collide. There is no time for anguish in her eyes. (How can you see where I am from over there?)

Verse 2: Without you I lie awake , (awake tonight.) I know that this is love (for the first time) because lust never felt this good. (But I can still feel you.) Don't you think its time to go. (Please come home.)

Chorus x2

Breakdown x2: Don't you think its time for you to come on home?

Two Step: And now im stuck between you and running away again (Can you see where I am now?) and I don't know where to call home.(Can you see where I am?)

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