Paroles You Look So Hot In That Hospital Bed de Veda Skyes

Veda Skyes
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  • Artiste: Veda Skyes38715
  • Chanson: You Look So Hot In That Hospital Bed
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Textes et Paroles de You Look So Hot In That Hospital Bed

Verse: On the count of three it's time to kill yourself. You were my drug. Somehow you overdosed. (And if you need that space to bleed I will give that to you) Yet I will stand aside and kill you just one more time under these pale white lights.

Prechorus: Smeered lipstick and designer jeans (You think you're taller now but you're lost without me) will be your pain killers.

Chorus: So don't be sad because I'm leaving. (I was caught up in the passion of my lies) You took me for granted and now I'll leave (My appologies weren't eye to eye) you like I see you, battered and bruised (And now that I've stepped down onto your battlefield) and begging, always begging for more. (My throat has lost the nerve to say what I feel)

Verse 2: You look so hot when your makeup starts to run. I picked a dozen roses. Suck life out of each one. You always were so talented at that. (And if you need that space to bleed I will give that to you) Now its my turn, so heres your kiss goodbye.

Prechorus x1

Chorus x1

Breakdown: Scalpel. Suture. Out comes your beating heart.

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