Paroles Kings Of Evil de Venom

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  • Artiste: Venom6202
  • Chanson: Kings Of Evil
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Textes et Paroles de Kings Of Evil

Saints and sinners - losers winners
crucified - deicide
Propaganda - penetrate - kicking and screaming
love and hate

Human weakness, Deadly sins
Demi - monde, Bloody Sunday
Undeniable, Unpredictable
Accursed, Walking dead

Kings of evil - kings of evil
Kings of evil - lords of hate
Kings of evil

Kicking and screaming

Fallen nature
Left hand path, Lust and wrath
Double dyed, Profligate
Temptation, Degenerate

Kings of evil - kings of evil
Kings of evil - lords of hate
Kings of evil - lords of pain
Kings of evil - lords of death
Kings of evil - gods of hell
Kings of evil - gods of thunder
Kings of evil

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