Paroles Vengeance de Venom

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  • Artiste: Venom6202
  • Chanson: Vengeance
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Textes et Paroles de Vengeance

You never know when it will come
Just like a bullet - from a gun
You lie awake - you sweat & shake
& may no lord have mercy on your soul

Take him down
Vengeance - will be mine

And as you sow - shall you reap
You pray to lords your soul to keep
You have a lie - no alibis
You hang your head in shame & you ask -
Why! - why!

Vengeance - vengeance
Vengeance - will be mine

You tell the world that black is white
No backing down your always right
You think your it - your full of shit
Why don't you just lie down & die

Fuck you

Vengeance - will be mine
Vengeance - is mine

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