Paroles Hello Goodbye Sex de Vermont

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  • Artiste: Vermont38803
  • Chanson: Hello Goodbye Sex
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Textes et Paroles de Hello Goodbye Sex

Up here ghost night is quiet makes me want to own it someday we'll have enough breath then we'll go through with it the fields look like a post stamp and the runway's a sea clam the highway never ends now over hill town to town

it's a long and winding road yea it's a long and winding road

there's no one to save with your records so baby take off your headphones for two seconds stop playing hand bags get over here tell me you're good

it's a long and winding road
yea it's a long and winding road

i got hello and goodbye sex it's a kiss and then find out it's a where to and why must that is where i am now

it's a long and winding road
yea it's a long and winding road

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