Paroles My Last Act de Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt
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  • Artiste: Vic Chesnutt38848
  • Chanson: My Last Act
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Textes et Paroles de My Last Act

Fill the basin with my hands
your strong shoulders in my head
soft soap splashing on the rim
I keep wishing I was him
Cobweb fluttering 12 ft up
above the basin where I [?]
Soap and fingernails
Dirty imagined intimate details
I go to the garage where on the wall
1010 daddy long legs crawl
a crazy notion tracks through my mind
an electrical shudder shoots up and down my spine
I run to the kitchen grab a pot & lid
And I rush to the garage before I knew what I did
I was raking the gentle? spiders into that pot
Then I was sitting at the kitchen table feeling so cold and so hot
In a moment I move to get a cereal bowl
Then I'm back at the table and before I know
What exactly I had done, I pulled the legs off every one
[the little black buttons.?] in front of me it looked like a bowl of black eyed peas
? in the top, poured it into the cuisinart
I reached in the cupboard and I grabbed a lid
Of Tequila and I pour that in, push the button and it starts to chop
[ my heart can hardly contain my thumping heart?]
My last act on this earth will be to chug a lug a mixture and hope for the worst

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