Paroles Ribs In the Fabric de Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt
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  • Artiste: Vic Chesnutt38848
  • Chanson: Ribs In the Fabric
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Textes et Paroles de Ribs In the Fabric

She was walking down a sidewalk
Sniffing, sniffing in the wind
Thinking of everything and nothing
Just another flighty human being

And satellites were arcing
Undetected overhead
Her cells were busy splitting
Engenacing the dead

Beauty is as beauty does
In the eyes of the beholder
Or collectively in all of us

She was waving to a cyclist
As he went coasting past
In through a lazy intersection
Toward the remainder of his life

And a fair old cat went dashing
Behind a dumpster there
Which displaced a brown rat
Which went fleeing with a comical flair

We are trapped but we are free
To go through the motions
And be just as happy as we can be

And later on I held her in my skinny arms
My chapped lips were whispering esoteric alarms
But her warm breath assuaged me and the music returned
We continued dancing while big forest fires burned

Space is spooky and time it is a trip
Don't let the preachers, teachers, hipsters fool you
There ain't no rips in the fabric.

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