Paroles Where Were You de Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt
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  • Artiste: Vic Chesnutt38848
  • Chanson: Where Were You
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Textes et Paroles de Where Were You

Where were you two years ago when I was locked out there at the barn
when some certain athens sacred monster was doing me in the charm
we could've been chatting heart to heart on that front porch with a view
where were you girl when I needed you

where were you two weeks ago, a week again after your promise
I was in your place of employment crying in my humus
somebody in there said "boy you're looking bad"
and I said "you know that is nothing new"
where were you girl when I needed you

were you in that second story well lighted place
up against it's occupant artist in his personal space
I know that has been known to happen but I though all of that was through
where were you girl when I needed you

where were you last monday when I was overwrought
I was watching the bright bug lamp flicker
you were doing up the dim dim 40-watt
I was alone with Pepe Lopez
I just couldn't do the schmooze
where were you girl when I needed you

where are you this sunday morning I'm in shaky health
I am in the back yard leaking on the spot where you proclaimed yourself
you are hungry wanting breakfast and my heart is in a stew
where were you girl when I needed you

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