Paroles Hellbound de Vicious Crusade

Vicious Crusade
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  • Artiste: Vicious Crusade6215
  • Chanson: Hellbound
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Textes et Paroles de Hellbound

[lyrics by Dm. Basik]

Don't look deep behind, deep behind my eyes.
It's where it hides, it's where the monster lies.
It's in my blood, my veins, hiding in my smile,
My heart, my brain, my gentle style.

Don't you meet my look - it stones cold.
Bite the bait - the hook becomes unfold.
You try to hide yourself but legs refuse to run.
It feels like Hell. It comes undone!

Tear my heart out - I am Hellbound!

Grip my hand and let me take you to a trip
For visions that will never let you sleep.
Don't try to breathe you will reveal yourself.
That's what it is to be in Hell!

I will cause you pain you'll never ever ease.
I'll drive insane, I'll show you how it feels.
I'll stain with dirt that can't be washed away.
You'll like a lot the games I play!

Come, blind my eyes. Burn tongue - stop cries.
Tear my heart out - I am Hellbound!

Come, blind my eyes. Burn tongue - stop cries.

I live in everyone. I sleep in every bed.
I load guns and point them to heads.
I am the one who makes you born anew.
Relax. Have fun. 'Cos I am YOU!

Come, blind my eyes. Burn tongue - stop cries.
Tear my heart out - I am Hellbound!

Hold me, hold me tight!
Help me - I can't see the light!
Take me, set me free!
Save me, stand by me!

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