Paroles R. L. H. de Vicious Rumors

Vicious Rumors
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  • Chanson: R. L. H.
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Textes et Paroles de R. L. H.


Now we're in the barrows
Of rulers who have lived
Enjoyed they once had it
Made his amend
Now here tonight
You crossed to the edge
We'll never let you down
We'd rather drop dead
Rock like hell
Rock like hell
Rock like hell
Forces of the wicked
Travels to the end
Right up here on stage
Oh people on our heads
Just because my leather is black skintight
When we hit the stage we rock all night
Rock like hell
Rock like hell
Rock like hell
Rock like hell
Fire and water begins to boil
Who awaits the potion
Of driving me closer to you
Closer to you
So when you're taking off
Back to reality
Tell me my friend
What is it that you see
The spice of this encounter
Cause the boys in the band
Apparently the truth
Is what they just can't stand
Rock like hell
Rock like hell
Rock like hell
Rock like hell

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