Paroles Cradle Of Deceit de Vile

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  • Artiste: Vile6223
  • Chanson: Cradle Of Deceit
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Cradle Of Deceit

Come inside and join
My church of blasphemy
Promises-that lead to death
Malicious calculations
Anticipated death
Nebulous apparitions
Manifest before my eyes

To be erased from humanity
All thoughts washed clean
Distortions in reality
Disappearing dreams
A mental state of misery

Depression sets
Transfixed by illusion
Hypnotized mesmerized

Cyanide-a path to light
Fall into the abyss
Suicide-end your life
Loose your soul to purify
39 people-dead by their hand
39 victims-try to find paradise

Clouded-all your deepest thoughts
Your actions under my control
Spin a web-of deceit
Entangle you with words-"lies"

Castration-saves the soul
Ends temptation of flesh
Twisted minds-watch them die
To find a path to light

Victims in tragedy
Follow until the end
Sinners are executioners
To judge unto themselves
Victims in tragedy
Follow until the end
Sinners are executioners
To judge unto themselves

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