Paroles Engulfing Horde de Vile

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  • Artiste: Vile6223
  • Chanson: Engulfing Horde
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Textes et Paroles de Engulfing Horde

[Lyrics: Urteaga, Strong Music: Davis, Strong]

With great force they conquer viciously
Sweeping through in hoards engulfing
They make their way across the oceans
Raining death upon this shallow land
In great numbers delivering oblivion
Broken bodies littering the earth
Juggernauts laying waste upon the land

Black of mind - invading - tormentors
They crucify - all those who rise before them
Invading defilers!

Many days of misery upon them
Dark skies, clouds of pain fill the air
Those who die are devoured by rodents
Those who live are torn apart
Overwhelmed by millions
Moving rapidly like the plague
Leaving death in its wake
Eternal decay......

Black of mind - invading - tormentors
They crucify - all those who rise before them

[solo AA]

They came to invade from the west
To conquer and proclaim their name
To take by force this land

Nothing will save them now
Final damnation descends on their world
Raping and killing in hoards
Resistance is futile their fate has been sealed!!
Destroy everything in their path
Devour in masses, depleting the land
Submit to the ones they now serve
Shackled forever their freedom is lost.

Freedom is lost
Shackled forever their freedom is lost

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