Paroles Stench de Vile

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  • Artiste: Vile6223
  • Chanson: Stench
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Textes et Paroles de Stench

Ripping and tearing my victims apart
Like a wave of destruction I move
Hatred that fuels my anger
Driven by the demons inside
Impulsive animal instinct
Sadistic annihilation

When I kill I feel no remorse
Just the need to repeat and remember
Though I drink the blood of my victims
To achieve immortality
My form of life excites me
High on the rush of the kill
I fester, reluctant to leave them
Collecting their parts in a jar
Dissecting the carcass
I shift through the insides
My arms are drenched in blood
As I sleep by your side

Degenerate lunatic homicide

Visions of thousands
Hung by the rafters
Quartered and drained of their blood
The memories excite me-as I gaze
Through the trophies I've kept
Dissecting the body
Enthralled by the stench
I shift through the insides
My arms are drenched in blood

Remove the head
And dispose the evidence
Sever your legs so I can
Fit you in my trunk
Destined to die
In unknown pain

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