Paroles Adorned With The Rising Cobra de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Artiste: Virgin Steele6239
  • Chanson: Adorned With The Rising Cobra
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Textes et Paroles de Adorned With The Rising Cobra

Long I wandered through Night Eternal
Forged as One with the Dark
Wild Orchid... Serpent Sunrise
Damn the Horns of the Moon

Fierce your Eyes open grave incisions
Pale and Strange in your Face
Tempting torture, rape desire
Dreams are born in this Place

Rise you're mine, be Free
A Vision of my Black Deeds
Your taste... embrace... that which remains Unseen...

By The Tigris, by Euphrates
By the Lives that we've known...
Frightened boy child... kill what you love
Spirits War in your Soul
Fierce your Mind opens... Stranger Prisons
Fear & Lust rule your Face

Fortune's Fire, rape desire

Dreams are torn in this Place

Rise to know your place
Forever on your knees
Your Face erase 'til nothing remains...

Run from my arms... don't run from my arms

Sleep and forget you were born

Fear not my face or my Savage Grace
All become numb with the Dawn...
Don't try to hide from my Savage Heart

How to unlearn all the things we have learned
Mind searing thoughts cold are our Hearts

How to unlearn all the things I have learned... Yea!

To wear the crown of Whore
Or touch Eternity's Stare
Love is cold it tastes of Hell
Beseeching me there...
I am waiting
I am waiting here... (for another year...)
Slaving... like the Shrouds of Tears
Waiting for all who've lost their way... you'll see them now...
You'll see their mounds...
All their tears are Burning down
Silver Fortune awaits
I am Fallen like the Crowd's own Fear... (and the First Formed Tear...)
Callin' a Thousand Worlds draw near
Silent when all is Scarred Love awakes

Enter the Realm above

Wild-born I'll teach you the Secrets of Wisdom

To order the night, a Prison Above

Behold the Secrets of the Earth
For this is not Life
And this is not Death
These are things we made unseemly...

And this Black Fortune's debt... to never return... again... NEVER!

Long I wandered through Nights Eternal...
Forged as one with the Dark
Rising up through Serpent Sunrise
I can't see where we are
Fierce your eyes open Paler Prisons
Blood looks Strange in our Face
Tempting torture, rape desire

Dreams are torn in this Waste

Rise to know your place
Forever on your knees

I recall every Flame Vow

Run from my arms... don't run from my arms
Sleep and forget you were born

Rise Babylon, break from your God
All become One with the Dawn
Don't try to lie
To my Tragic Heart
How to unlearn all the things I have learned
Raise Babylon safe from your God!

How to unlearn all the things WE DON'T KNOW!!!
Oh... Will we never learn...?

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