Paroles Angel Of Death de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Artiste: Virgin Steele6239
  • Chanson: Angel Of Death
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Textes et Paroles de Angel Of Death

While the Sea is burning Red...
They've found me here... bitter time...

How to bleed a Noble Brow...
To catch them all where I hide...

For now I sleep in Hell far, far from Light
God will never heal our vast despite
To fight against this crime
I'll find my way...

While the Rivers overflow
To murder more but not to die...
When your Shapes of Doom arise
We'll kill your Sons... they will die...

NO!!! The Sins of their Father's I will assail
Where you lie sleeping the Ghost of Life

NO... you will remain here
He'll make you return

But I will not answer, for I know the Words...
Yes I know the Name!!!

High Above where the Sunlight rips the Sea
I am Free!
I will Kill for I'm Holier than Thou
I am Wise!

Your God's not forgiving
He'll leave you in shame

But I know the one Charm
For I know the Name! Yeow! Be gone!

[BLACK ANGELS:] Remember your Passion, remember your Oath

Remember your answer
For this is not real... no this is not real!!!

High Above where the Sunlight rips the Sea
I am Free!
I will Kill for I'm Holier than Thou
I will rise!

[BLACK ANGELS:] Cry out for Mercy he'll leave you in chains
[LILITH:] The Black Winter Forest is calling my Name!!!

High Above where the Sunlight rips the Sea
I am Free!
I will rise like the Hammer of the Sky
Armed with Wine...
I will Kill for I'm Holier than Thou
I am wise...
I will rise like the Hammer of the Night

Negoium Perambulans Ini Tenebris...
Ahhh... kill...

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