Paroles By The Gods de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Chanson: By The Gods
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Textes et Paroles de By The Gods


BY THE GODS - Black Slaughter
BY THE GODS - You're King
BY THE GODS - Blind Justice
All shall heel, all shall hear!
BY THE GODS - Your Father
BY THE GODS - Your Soul
BY THE GODS - You're owned
All shall heel, all shall hear!

Gods and Devils screaming out their Final Warning
Holy Fire from the Sky
Violent Mourning Burns the Rays of Olympus
While the Blood drips from their eyes
And the Crime shakes the Hall, "ARE YOU READY"
When you see the Liar Burn
Yet the Kanons are the Snakes of his Torment, at the Naval of the Earth

I see the Sons of the Crown of the New
Covered in Bloodlust and shame
I feel the Whip of the Great Son of Zeus
Lashing my Honour and Place
Lightning won't remove the Crown We hold True
I see the Face of the God, I see the Face of the God on his Black Soul

I see the Madness as I look into your eyes
Impaling Terror unfit for this Shrine
Riding in Thunder the Murdering Rain
Leave this Shrine and the Halls of the Mighty
Go and Haunt the Slaughterhouse!

I see the Sons of the Crown of our New
King of the Heavens of Shame
I see the tricks of the Lords We once Ruled
I see the Face of the God, I see the Face of the God on his Black Soul

Let the Goddess of Fortune decide who'll never return

Will the Day break instead of the Night, the Victim returns

In the Silence of the City, I await Fortune or Fire
Dear Athena be my Healer, I am here knowing that Life may never return...

And when you Die you'll meet the World's Suffering
Plunge into the Black Night Sky
We are in Force, We are called as One... All as One
Holding the Ancient Right of Blood...

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