Paroles Fight Tooth And Nail de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Artiste: Virgin Steele6239
  • Chanson: Fight Tooth And Nail
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Textes et Paroles de Fight Tooth And Nail

[Music and lyrics: De Feis]

Fight, fight tooth and nail
Fight, fight tooth and nail

It's the law of the jungle
The strongest will survive
And that's the rule I live by
Think fast and stay alive
Keep the eye of the tiger
Gather cunning, strenght and speed
Use evry trick you know
Don't retreat until they bleed

Your hand's a dwadly weapon
Your teeth can rip in two
Get'em before they get you
There's no more time to loose

Fight, fight tooth and nail
If you think they'll show you mercy
You better think again
You gotta fight

I'm akin to the lion, the tiger and the bear
I use what nature gives, to rip and
Slash and tear
I'm really very gentle, rather make love
Than go to war
But if you try to harm me
You'll die by neture's law

My hand's a deadly weapon,
My teeth can rip in two
A present of death I give you
I'll run you through and through


Once more into the cobra's nest
A poisoned victory
Blood stains the sands of history
If you'll wage war, you'll get no pity from me, oh no...

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