Paroles Love's Gone de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Chanson: Love's Gone
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Textes et Paroles de Love's Gone

[Music: De Feis/Pursino/Cook, lyrics: De Feis]

Don't say that you want love
As you're walking out my door
Don't say that you need love
'Cause I can't love you
Lay down in rapture
In this crowded town of fear
Hang your head in sharne my dear
You gocca roll alone

Love's gone
It's gone away

Highway in starlite
You shed your blood upon the sun
You lock your love
In bitterness
And now you're left with noone
God, I loved you one time
When we walked the world alone
The face that love could not
The heart will turn to stone


... I fell you body writhe
Like a snake in rny arms
Wrap yourself around me, baby
Ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah


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