Paroles Resurrection Day (The Finale) de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Artiste: Virgin Steele6239
  • Chanson: Resurrection Day (The Finale)
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Textes et Paroles de Resurrection Day (The Finale)


Fire and Water, victims change
Seasons learning, nothing's gained
Now the time has come... Apparition waiting
Before the Hours of Doom approaching lies...
In these Hallowed Halls Sanctuary reach me
Before the Hour of Doom's approaching Lights...

And the Dark Gods awaken into the Sun
And Their Darkness is frozen fortunate one
They will not heal, they now will follow
The Sacred Light and Sound!

Angry now but you are not beaten down
Whispered Wind the Verdict leaves him un-bound
In the flowing course of Time a greater Honour for thee
Will be found on the Shores of my Country
Power surge echoes down from the Sky
Raise your fist, cultivate Noble Lives
Clothe Them now in garments dyed
Matching Gold of the Sky
Bold enough to sleep where They lie

Rise up rise again after the RING OF FIRE
You'll see Them recover Their Honour and Grace
Rise up ride the Wind this is the End of Violence
Believe in the Sunlight on this Chosen Night

I'm returning slowly to the ground (It's RESURRECTION DAY)
Returning slowly to the ground!

Rise up rise again after the Reign of Terror
The Skies are proclaiming the City is Blest
Rise up ride the Wind after the RING OF FIRE
The Moment of Never on this Frozen Night.
The Curse Walks among you.

Rise up rise again after the Reign of Terror
You'll see Them recover the Garden of Life
Rise up ride the Wind after the RING OF FIRE
The Bond of the Goddess Guards this Chosen Night

Rise up ride the Wind after the RING OF FIRE
The Skies are proclaiming the City is Blest
Rise up ride the Wind after the Reign of Terrord
With Fortune inside us on this Dawn of Night

[Citizens of Athens:]
We're Alive the Gods arrive, the Cracks of Doom roll by
Steer the course that Pallas walks don't let the Violence fall
Under the Spell of Darkness or Light
We are proven now Fortune rides on Our Side.
Descend to Paradise it's narrow, Virgin Bright - Endless Night
Guide the Rings of the Sun, now We are All Forms in One !!!

Victory in the Sunlight of Union Above and Below

Sacrosanct Lords of the Skies, Revere the Queen of Remorse
Wielding the Signs of Grace, the Signs of Faith
And Their Darkness Aligns with Your Rays !!!

Victory, in the Sunlight of Union We Stand !!!

[Orestes' Spirit & Cast:]
I'm returning slowly to the ground (It's Resurrection Day)
Returning slowly to the ground !
To the Ground !!!

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