Paroles Victory Is Mine de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Artiste: Virgin Steele6239
  • Chanson: Victory Is Mine
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Textes et Paroles de Victory Is Mine

Your God isn't here - She is dead
Crushed by your Prophets of Dread
Death-Fire, Mist, Blood and Wine
Torn like a rose from the vine
So you run to the hills to divine
What is left of your frotune and find

VICTORY IS MINE underneath a Savage sky
VICTORY IS MINE from the darkness I have won, oh

Sad Ghosts of old victories
Come crowding the fields where we cleaved
Locked in Immortal embrace
Handsome as Death's Iron face

I will run to the hills where you hide
Seeking Vengeance for all of my kind

VICTORY IN MINE by the Hammer and the Nine
VICTORY IN MINE from the Mountains to the Sea
VICTORY IN MINE Noble tears and Kingly Pride
VICTORY IN MINE under Shadows I will fly

The Thunder meets at Twilight by the Serpentine
No blood running in these veins
Just the blackened ice of the river Styx
Swirling through a Heart of Stone

VICTORY IS MINE underneath a Savage sky
VICTORY IS MINE by the Power and the Sign
VICTORY IS MINE final Darkness, Kingdoms fall
VICTORY IS MINE under Darkness, Iam all

Oh Emalaith, oh Emalaith,
Sworn by the light of the moon
I will be here with you soon


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