Paroles When The Legend Die de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Artiste: Virgin Steele6239
  • Chanson: When The Legend Die
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Textes et Paroles de When The Legend Die


Father's Eyes staring in the Blackness of the Morning
Mother cries echoing the Shadows of the Sunrise...
There you stood arms cloaked in Darkness where the Shades have gone
Wave goodbye to all that you know and all you'll ever be

Where will I run, the Faces are so cold
How will I Rule with Arms against the Sky
Where will I go when all has been disowned
Lord of this World, leave my Soul alone

Troy is Burning, say Farewell (HAIL)
Light the Fire of a Thousand Days (WAR)
Pain and Slaughter, even Gods can lie
WHEN THE LEGENDS DIE... cry like Rain...

Steal the Wind, gather all the Evening's Suns so blind
Where's your Soul forged in the Mist of Dawn in time will rise
To Damn the Gods this is no Illusion there are Ways to bear, my share
To Kill them all, Blacker than a Thousand Vows when Water Rises

How will I run, the Faces are so cold
How can I stand Eyes against the Night
Where will I go when all is said and done
I leave it behind, Graces of the World

Kill the Father, Kill the Son (HAIL)
Kill each other work is done (WAR)
Pain is nothing, even Gods can Lie

Oh, I will not Rise again you know
Oh, I will be Torn on Bloody Ground!

How will I run, the Faces are so cold
How will I race Clouds against the Sky

I am Burning say Farewell (HAIL)
Light the Fire of a Thousand Lives (WAR)
Pain and Slaughter, even Gods will Lie

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