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  • Artiste: Virtuoso15110
  • Chanson: Remember
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Textes et Paroles de Remember

When you feel life's too hard
And you cant go on
Remember that I love you

From the day I emerged
To when im saying these words
You watched over me
Held my hand and walked close to me
Thats how its supposed to be
And since pops' shot to the ovary
You ????? me
Showed me you loved me
And when things got ugly
You never turned your back
Had patience and compassion and I've learned from that
You showed me when to fight back and when to walk away
You behind me 100% all the way
So I pray to the Lord, dont take my mom away
God, let her and dad live on beyond their days
Taught me how to throw a ball and ride a bike
And when I picked up on my ???? showed me how to do it right
Even when y'all had problems you held me down
Yo there's only two reasons why Miguel's around
One's my mother and two's my father
You've always stood behind me and pushed me to go farther, so

when you feel life's too hard
and you cant go on
remember that i love you

To my children
who have yet to come
You look just like me
And yet so young
So glad you sprung
Into the world, out of my girl
And to me you're more precious than any diamonds or pearls
So listen
Respect all equally
And always speak with free thoughts
Don't let 'em get caught in your throat
No, cuz self-expression is what is really dope
Ands its what attracts the type of partners we should really scope
I really hope
You'll be head strong like a billy goat
But sensible enough not to cope with the ???
And dont follow what other people might do
Hear what your gut feeling provides you
Answers to whats right and wrong in a tried true
And loyal, and me, I'll always be here for you
As far as me and you, we one and the same
its to my unborn daughter and son in my brain
You know

When you feel life's too hard
And you cant go on
Remember that I love you

When you feel life's too hard
And you cant go on
Remember that I love you

This is to my friends who been around since my childhood
Whose advice has led me right to live my life good
We've come a long way
Working them long days
Since when we used to scoop honey's in school hallways
Or blaze
We used to play baseball
And sometimes, you know why, I wish I could stay small
But man we gotta grow and get the dough
Time moves fast so I move slow, lets let 'em know
But this year we gonna blow
we didnt come to play >
It's time to silence the violence, lets put the guns away
So if you care about me
I care about you
I know I never would've made it here without you.
And so

When you feel life's too hard
And you cant go on
Remember that I love you

When you feel life's too hard
And you cant go on
Remember that I love you

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