Paroles Divine In Fire de Vital Remains

Vital Remains
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  • Chanson: Divine In Fire
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Textes et Paroles de Divine In Fire

Here upon the devils altar. Up is down
Here upon the devils altar. Darkness is light
Here upon the devils altar. Slaves are free
Here upon the devils altar. Madness is sanity

Enchantment of fire
Unholy black flame burning desire
Fall deep into the psyche
Eyes aglow fixed on the light
Ties to the body are broken
Soul flying free the endless is open

Here inside the living fire. I see light
Here inside the living fire. Left is right
Here inside the living fire. God is Evil
Here inside the living fire. Evil is law

Divine in fire unholy black
Flame burning desire
Invocation leviathon, conjuration
Of lust at hand
Nonexistan fears
Reality of life disappears
Divine in fire
Lead the way, God of Fire
Manifestation of my desire
Carry me away, to a place unknown
Here I?ll enjoy pleasure like no other

Divine in fire, my darkest desire
Divine in fire, born of evil
Tus defier

Touch the flame, into the fire
Tied to the stake, burn with me now
Higher and higher
Nourish thy soul, into the fire
Bleeding for me, burn with me now
Higher and higher

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