Paroles I Want You To Rock Me de Vixen

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  • Artiste: Vixen15345
  • Chanson: I Want You To Rock Me
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Textes et Paroles de I Want You To Rock Me

It was Saturday night and I was feeling alright, I had nothing to lose
I threw the top down, then pulled into town, I had no time for the blues
When I pulled up and they were plugging it in, I was looking to find a seat
I met this guy, had a look in his eye, I swear he was saying to me

I want you to rock me, roll me, you won't get lonely
Come on and rock me, roll me, you oughta get to know me

When he grabbed his coat, he slipped me a note
It said, what are we waiting for?
Well guy, I'm sorry that we fooled around, I was looking for something more
Oh and he was shy, saying goodbye, he said "I really will give you a call"
Do I have to explain you're driving me insane
I'll tell you what I want you to do

I want you to rock me, roll me, learn to control me
Rock me, roll me, you really oughta get to know me
Come on rock me, roll me, I'm feeling kinda lonely
I want you to rock me, roll me, quit talking and show me

(rock me) [repeats 4x]


Now it's your turn

I'm gonna rock you, roll you, do all the things I told you
I'm gonna rock you, roll you, sit down and I'll show you

(Rock me, roll me, rock me, roll me) - I want you to rock me
(Rock me, roll me) - I wanna roll you - (rock me, roll me)

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