Paroles Thrashing Rage de Voivod

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  • Artiste: Voivod6260
  • Chanson: Thrashing Rage
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Textes et Paroles de Thrashing Rage

I'm in a nightmare and it's
Gonna burn tonight
I don't know why but
There's something strange in me
Losing all control if you
Don't want to stop
Searching the way where I
Can get the force
This is the beggining of hostility
In the still of the night
I keep a strict eye on you
Somewhere on the hill of immortality
The butcher is running down the land
Taking your chance
Looking for a fight
Biting the bullet
Ready you'll catch your death
Rough and tumble life
Such and eternal night
We're the die-hards with a
Nasty mind deep in integrity
Joining our destructions
With our domination
You can't resist it's thrashing rage
In the labyrinth I run to see the end
Mirage of death as long as infinity
Living dying in this deep misery
I'm gonna raise hell
Coz I'm over the top
This is the beggining of hostility
Choose your awful swords
And fight until the end
Scream the pain that you have
Die right here in the hole
Hunt if you wanna live
And kill until you win
Lust the blood of your enemy
Falls or return in a deep sin
Now we are the guards
Of their thrashing land...

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