Paroles Blood Rapture de Vomitory

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  • Artiste: Vomitory6266
  • Chanson: Blood Rapture
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Textes et Paroles de Blood Rapture

[Music: T Gustafsson]
[Lyrics: Rundqvist, Dalegren]

Blood filled ground, human flesh, a rotting carnal stench
A mark of hate, place of pain, generation's left to die
The taste of blood, human blood, sacrificed for pleasure
Ancient rites, butchery, infected souls of hysteria

War life dismemberment, execution, redemption of the dead

Human guts, need to feed, to drink the fresh blood
Select the weak, create the fear, carnal holocaust
Born to die, by nature dead, human species suicide
In blood they drowned, mournful past, a future with no remorse

Murder morbid pleasure, suicide, masochistic satisfaction

Blood rapture, inflicting the pain
Blood rapture, addiction to pain

Ruthless butchered human mush, a carnal misery
Bodies drained of blood, boils in sickness
Worm filled intestines, torn apart

Process of decomposition
Blood ecstasy, pain, suffering, death

Open chests, decapitated corpse
Fleshless arms, wide-open stomachs
Murdered humans, blood sacrifice
Dismembered souls, rot in agony

Process of decomposition
Blood ecstasy, pain, suffering, death

Blood rapture, inflicting the pain
Blood rapture, addiction to pain

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