Paroles Exhaling Life de Vomitory

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  • Artiste: Vomitory6266
  • Chanson: Exhaling Life
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Textes et Paroles de Exhaling Life

[Music: T Gustafsson, Dalegren]
[Lyrics: Rundqvist]

Global fear, infected minds will obey
They follow every command, contradictory must die
In carnage, they baptise enemy souls
A war's been declared, fleshless victims left behind

Pain, created from persecution
As a consequence of violence against their own
Persuasion, threats beyond human understanding
Ignorance, a decision for others to make

Inheritance, from father to son
Engraved in their souls, engraved in their hearts
There is an utter threat ahead and it still breathes

Prepare for war, prepare for death
A thousand humans cries in anger
Divided voices united to one
Blindly obey every command

Determined future they create
Reign of terror from far way back
Scaremongering through generations
Blood born new blood

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