Paroles Revelation Nausea de Vomitory

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  • Artiste: Vomitory6266
  • Chanson: Revelation Nausea
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Textes et Paroles de Revelation Nausea

[Music: T Gustafsson]
[Lyrics: Dalegren]

Deceived, by the light, now I'm blind
Descending, into the void, misguided souls

Worship, turned to lunacy, and wrath
Killing spree, in the kingdom, of Christ

If you see the faces, the fear, the anger
Turned into oppressive lies
Ridden with disease, despise, and hatred
Enter the realm of revelation nausea

To bear the cross, to tell the lies
A rape of Christ, is your demise
The purest soul, beyond the sky
So kneel for me, or you'll die

Another carcass, on a cross, decomposing
Rise above, to resurrect, I'm Christ

If you see the faces, the fear, the anger
Turned into oppressive lies
Ridden with disease, despite, and hatred
Revelation nausea

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