Paroles Damned To Death de W.A.S.P.

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  • Artiste: W.A.S.P.4845
  • Chanson: Damned To Death
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Textes et Paroles de Damned To Death

[lyrics: martin, music: martin]

What have I done?
Am I schizophren? T
he pieces don't fit! But they are real!
Salt- sweet water flow forth out of one well!
Worship the lord
and swear at your brother
out of one mouth out of one mouth.

I tried to drown my Old Being,
but I realized, that beast has learned to swim.
You are torturing me - die Tormentor die!
You life in mortality - die Tormentor die!

You try to pull me back, but Golgotha has smashed your neck.
Why do you still keep on fighting and don't accept, you are damned to death?
How can you be so malicious, Feast your eyes on this blood bath?

I tried to drown you Old Being,
but I realized you have learned to swim
You are torturing me die Tormentor die!
You life in mortality die Tormentor die!

Enjoy your remaining time, you little perverse parasite.
you're drunken by innocent blood
One day my time will come, cause he will grind your head! S
o, realize you are damned to death!
Damned to death!
You are damned to death!

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