Paroles Revengence de W.A.S.P.

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  • Artiste: W.A.S.P.4845
  • Chanson: Revengence
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Revengence

Why's my blood race
Why I gnash my teeth
Sand man's come here
With his misery
You wrought with pain
As you slash my flesh
Wrath's revenge lives again

I'll kill your pain oh the seeds of cane
I ain't no stranger giving love
Don't ya plead
Oh won't ya bleed for me
Hell's be raining from above

I'm coming home
Vengeance be thy name
I'm coming home
Revengeance scream my name

Cane killed Abel - did his brother's deed
Cursed all time
Damned to spread his seed
Pricks to blind
Thorns are in my side
Oh, slay thy brother's life

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat chorus]

Oh your God's got you dying to be
Oh your martyr's in the sand
I'll hunt you down like the dogs that you be
Your Armageddon's in my hands

[Repeat chorus]

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