Paroles Walkin' Along The Fenceline de Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen
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  • Artiste: Wade Bowen10750
  • Chanson: Walkin' Along The Fenceline
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Textes et Paroles de Walkin' Along The Fenceline

I'm not as good as I advertise
But then again, who really is?
Judgment is thrown around so easily
But nobody wants to catch it, they just want to side step it
I think I've finally had enough

Walking along the fenceline
Hands in my pockets got a million things on my mind
I'm not sure what I'm trying to find
So I'll just keep walking
Knowing it'll come with time
Walking along the fenceline

Faith and time go hand in hand
And I've found along the way my faith runs deep
Time is no longer one of my concerns
Think I've gone astray, going the wrong way
Why's it so hard to simply be?


Oh you think I've gone astray, going the wrong way
Why's it so hard to simply be?


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