Paroles You Had Me At My Best de Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen
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  • Artiste: Wade Bowen10750
  • Chanson: You Had Me At My Best
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Textes et Paroles de You Had Me At My Best

In the corner of my living room lies the ring she threw behind
I can't bring myself to pick it up, you know she still might change her mind
Every morning around 6am the sun hits it just right
I'll spend another day in hell just waiting on the night

I see the way people look at me, I guess it's all over my face
The scar above my left eye is something I just can't erase
I try to look in someone else's mirror, try to find a different view
Oh it's really sad to say, but it's all I got left of you

Well I'm the lone survivor of the wreckage that is left
I brought the walls down baby, I made all this mess
Lying in the ashes, I must confess
Oh you had me at my best

The pain sometimes disappears, but your memories are never gone
I lock myself in our bedroom cause it's best if I'm alone
I've been falling asleep in my old chair with the TV on
Cause our bed won't let me sleep, cause love is all it's known



Ya, You Had Me At My Best
You Had Me At My Best

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